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本文摘要:Four years ago, I took my kids to Amsterdam. After a long day of touring museums and canals, they started to whine. Then I hit upon the perfect bribe: look, there’s the Apple store. After half an hour of playing with iPads, iMacs and iPhon


Four years ago, I took my kids to Amsterdam. After a long day of touring museums and canals, they started to whine. Then I hit upon the perfect bribe: look, there’s the Apple store. After half an hour of playing with iPads, iMacs and iPhones, they were all smiles as we walked back to the hotel.四年前,我带上几个孩子去阿姆斯特丹。在参观了一整天博物馆、运河之后,他们开始叫苦。

在那时,我忽然找到了一个可以亲近他们的极致地点:看,那有一家苹果(Apple)商店。孩子们在那里玩游戏了半小时ipad、iMac和iPhone,当我们步行返酒店时,他们脸上笑容。Their enthusiasm helps illustrate why Apple stores are generally considered the world’s most successful. Their glass walls and wooden tables full of gadgets generate far more sales per square foot than any big retail competitor.他们的热情有助说明,为什么苹果商店一般来说被指出是全球最顺利的商店。

玻璃幕墙和木质桌子上满是各种电子小玩意儿,这里每平方英尺产生的销售额近超强任何大型竞争对手。This brings us to Thursday’s launch of Angela Ahrendts’ new vision for the company’s retail outlets. The former Burberry chief executive, who was given a stock grant worth up to $68m on her arrival at the tech group, has spent the past two years rethinking its offering as its product range changes. The result, unveiled in San Francisco on the 15th anniversary of the first Apple store opening, will be rolled out across many of the group’s 400 stores in 18 countries.上周四,福杰拉阿伦茨(Angela Ahrendts)发售了自己为苹果零售店所做到的新设计。曾兼任博柏利(Burberry)首席执行官的阿伦茨被挖出苹果时,取得了这家科技集团获取的价值最低约6800万美元的赠股。


过去两年,随着苹果产品线的变化,她仍然在思维如何改建苹果商店的呈现出方式。在首家苹果商店开业15周年之际,全新设计的苹果商店在旧金山开幕,该集团坐落于全球18个国家的400家商店中,许多都将应用于这一全新设计。Mostly, her vision seems to involve even bigger glass doors and lots of plants. Every flagship store will have outdoor space — in San Francisco, the greenery-lined square will feature free WiFi and acoustic musicians on weekends. The Genius Bar, where customers go for help with technical issues, has been replaced by a Genius Grove stocked with trees and more space for people to sit while they wait. Tart commentators suggested the tree money might have been better spent on more staff to keep delays down.总体显然,她的设计或许还包括了比以前还要大的玻璃门以及大量的植物。每家分店都将享有室外空间——在旧金山店,绿树成荫的广场将覆盖面积免费WiFi,中秋节周末还有音乐家现场弹奏。

协助顾客解决问题技术问题的“天才吧”(Genius Bar)被树木花坛的“天才林”(Genius Grove)代替,为等候的顾客获取更加多椅子睡觉的空间。但傲慢的评论人士称之为,植树花费的钱也许还不如用作减少人手,以增加各种延后。On the more practical side, Apple staff will include “creative pros” who can advise customers on how to use its technology for photography and making music. And it plans to woo small businesses with a dedicated area called the boardroom. The jargon is a bit sickening, but this probably reflects a sensible effort by the company to broaden its offerings with revenue from iPhones falling.更加简单的措施是,苹果商店将划入“创新专业人士”为自己的员工,他们能为顾客获取如何利用苹果技术照片和制作音乐的建议。

苹果还计划利用所谓“董事会议室”的专门区域更有小型企业。这样做到有点讨人不满,但在iPhone销售收入下降之际,该公司此举也许称得上不断扩大业务的明智之举。Apple says that it is responding to the fact that customers now go online for simple transactions and expect something more unique from actual stores. “It is kind of our fault that retail is changing,” said Ms Ahrendts. “Therefore, we realised that we needed to do something different with our physical space.”苹果回应,它是在对此这一现实,即:非常简单的交易,顾客如今都在线上展开;在实体店里,他们期望能有更加独有的体验。

“正在改变,我们负起几分责任。”阿伦茨说道,“因此,我们意识到,必须让我们的实体空间显得略为与众不同一些。”This is not the first time Ms Ahrendts has sought to transform the shopping experience. Back in 2012 she reopened Burberry’s flagship London store, telling reporters it was designed to be the physical manifestation of the company’s “Burberry World Live” website. The media swooned, saying that the shop, which swapped out tills for roving sales staff with swipe machines, was a manifestation of the luxury group’s revolutionary digital-first approach.这并非阿伦茨首次企图转变购物体验。

她在2012年就新的打造出了博柏利的伦敦分店,并对记者回应,设计理念是,让该店以实体形式呈现出公司的“博柏利世界直播”(Burberry World Live)网站。媒体回应广受赞许,称之为该店(店里手执刷卡机走来走去的销售人员代替了收银台)是这家奢侈品集团数字化革命的标志。Burberry, which was coming off a profit warning, then saw its sales soar, and its share price nearly doubled. Apple came calling and wooed Ms Ahrendts away.随后,原本遭遇盈利预警的博柏利经常出现了销售额攀升,股价完全翻了一番。后来苹果主动找上门,将阿伦茨挤到。

Since then, the news has not been so good. Burberry has been hit hard by a fall in Chinese sales. Shares have dropped 35 per cent in the past 12 months, despite a £25m cost-cutting drive. The company is now considering bringing in a senior manager to shore up Christopher Bailey, who has held both the top design position and the chief executive role since Ms Ahrendts’ departure.自那时起,形势发展仍然不如意。中国区销售额下降重创了博柏利。过去12个月,该公司股价暴跌了35%,尽管发售了缩减成本2500万英镑的计划。


如今,博柏利正在考虑到聘用一名高级经理来执掌克里斯托弗贝利(Christopher Bailey),自阿伦茨离开了后,贝利仍然既兼任创新总监、又兼任首席执行官。Burberry’s current woes may have nothing to do with Ms Ahrendts. But perhaps her highly vaunted effort to reimagine luxury shopping was more about hype than real transformation. Apple is about to find out.博柏利当前的困境有可能与阿伦茨并无关联。但也许,她在新的定义奢侈品购物体验方面被过度撒谎的希望更好的只是抹黑,而非确实的变革。




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